August 8, 2014

My Favorite Maxi

 Photography By: William Thomas Photography

Skirt: Zara maxi  Similar purchased on Poshmark
Sweater: Sage try this
Necklace: Chanel purchased on poshmark

I decided today to wear two of my absolute favorite poshmark purchases for this outfit. I scored this fabulos Chanel necklace for $150! I panicked when I first saw it and I thought to myself " OMG HIT BUY QUICK - before someone else snatches it up!" After I purchased it, I had a feeling of " YES ITS ALL MINE,MINE,MINE!" Have you ever had that moment when you just had to have something and in the blink of a eye it was all yours? I have that moment way to much on poshmark.
 photo a12af7b5-3d1a-4e76-830f-171644123597_zps44584478.png

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